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angeleye_40   | 05.01.2008, 20:45
+! Already a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!!!!
angeleye_40   | 31.12.2007, 16:53
:01: I wish you a very Happy New Year! May this coming year bring you much happiness, joy and success! May all your dreams come true! Let it be magical.. Believe that it will work out well for you and the ones you love! Stay healthy !!! :01: Kisses to you !!!!!! LET'S CELEBRATE! Yesssss :09: :02:
BRILLIANTIKK   | 10.11.2007, 00:51
приветик!Держы ночьной +!Забегай в готси!!!))))
Beastcool   | 27.05.2009, 08:47
спс) обязательно зайду :-*
angeleye_40   | 07.11.2007, 19:20
Still busy?
Beastcool   | 27.05.2009, 08:47
Ohhh, studies have finally started))) Don't have much time now, anyway I'm doing fine) How about you? What's new?)
angeleye_40   | 15.10.2007, 09:31
Hi! O.oooo it's nice to hear from you again! :01: I'm doing well.. Last Saturday I've been to Amsterdam ! It was nice , but very very crowded! I have been to the wax statue museum : Madame Tusseauds! Really awsome! At the moment I have some problems with my pc! there's definitely smth wrong with it! I scanned the whole thing, but it keep s being very slow and I have this prob with my graphic or video card....(( I really hope you're doing fine! Hugs!
angeleye_40   | 11.10.2007, 09:38
Ey... I'm starting to miss you!!! :04:
Beastcool   | 27.05.2009, 08:47
sorry I've been quite busy.. but everything's alright)) and how do u do?)
angeleye_40   | 21.09.2007, 10:51
:01: Knock knock... anybody home here? :06: :02:
angeleye_40   | 18.09.2007, 17:54
Oh.. I like many different kinds of music! Depends on my mood! It varies from pop over hardrock / metal to new age and romantic songs...but I really listen to the tekst of songs..
Beastcool   | 27.05.2009, 08:47
yeahh!!! TEXT rules!! I don't listen to music, where I don't understand text, even if music is great.. for example japan rock is a great genre, though I can't understand a word)))))
angeleye_40   | 18.09.2007, 10:16
:07: Wow!!! Do you like shopping maybe? :06: Then you can come with me!!!! he he )))) Get me a pic from that thin tie!!!! I wanna see it! .. Ey and about the music... you are right! It gets your mood up! :05:
Btw..are u a fan of Green day?
Beastcool   | 27.05.2009, 08:47
well yeah)) as u can see I've got some pics of them here)).. I'm gonna dress tie with some other clothes stuff, and have a photo of me)))... and, what music do u like?
angeleye_40   | 18.09.2007, 09:34
Good morning!:01: How are you ? Guess you're busy ah? I am getting depressed by the awful weather here.. It's really dark and cold .... brrr... I'm in need of a holiday again... he he ))))) ( only so broke that I can't go anywhere) Guess I will get myself up to sort out some summer and winter clothes today... Not really my favourite job to do, but ...sigh... needs to be done too! :01: I wish you a sunny day and the same to your mood!
Beastcool   | 27.05.2009, 08:47
Good Morning!.. well, actually, we still have lections and no homework)).. the weather is awful too, gets everyone depressed, but try music - its a great cure for all sicknesses in the world)).. hey, why don't u like buying new clothes?.. PS I've already bought myself clothes for autumn, and finaly I found a thin thin tie, just like Green Day have :-b
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