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butterflai   | 09.03.2008, 06:53
приветик =) спасиба
Ирелла   | 19.01.2008, 15:20
Приветик! Как жизнь молодая? Держи + С прздничком!
Amkor   | 27.05.2009, 08:49
Привет, спасибки, у меня все по-старому а ты как?
butterflai   | 31.12.2007, 19:06
takoe vpechetlenie chto kakbydto kto-to ego prosto zastavil .. potomychto y nego na lize bilo napisano ja nehochy .. no on vseravno porval so mnoi .. :04: :04: :04: :04: :04: :04: :04: :04: :04:
Amkor   | 27.05.2009, 08:49
ok... i see we really need to talk about this just a little more...lets find each other today in icq i will weating for you, and in the and i really want to ask you try to bee a little jolly...i know it's like's a strange....but you don't need to bee so sad... i really believe that's everything in your life is return to normal at short period of time@}-->--
butterflai   | 31.12.2007, 19:04
we were the same with him for 1 year and 3 months .. and now from nowhere he is like we are different .. i just can not get .. it can not be like that .. :04:
butterflai   | 31.12.2007, 19:03
chitai s nizy na verh moi soobshenija)) gg :06: :06: :06:
butterflai   | 31.12.2007, 19:01
because this fucking unive is right near his house ......... omg i am so mad at him ..
but u know it feels strange .. i do not really care about it so much .. and i am not sad at all ..
at first yeah i was kinda sad but in 2 hours it is gone .. i do not even know why .. :03: so complicated :03:
so yeah .. thats basicaly it .. if u want to know details come on icq ill tell you my friend
butterflai   | 31.12.2007, 19:00
... continue

and i am like ok . what do u want more we can't marry each other we are too young for it ..
omg .. i can not et what he wanted more from me ... we had everything ..
also he said that he wants to be free and to start from new year from new page.. to go by his own and because i am going to go to university and he is gonna go to college and it will be for him a hard time .. damn .. i told him 100000 times that if i am going to univer we are going to see each other more ..
butterflai   | 31.12.2007, 18:58
davai ..
da ja toja sama neponimau ..
on skazal chto we are different and that it is not me but him ... u know as they always say it ... shit
then also he said it is distance between us and we cannot participate in each other lifes (thats a bulshit) ...
as well he told me that we arguing always and disagring (but i dun get where this is come from .. because even if i begin to argu with him .. he knows i am joking .. stupid .. )
then he told me that we are just bf and gf and no more ..
butterflai   | 30.12.2007, 19:31
privet =) kak y tebya dela??
a menya paren brosil ... tak chto y mena ne osobo shastja privolilo ...
s novim godom :01: :01: :01:
Amkor   | 27.05.2009, 08:49
Приветик я тебя 1000 лет не видел!!!соскучился, давай спишемся как то на днях?... не расстраивайся у тебя все наладитсяя вообще не вьезжаю как он мог так поступить...до скорой переписки
Funi   | 10.12.2007, 00:41
сыпасыба :05: :05: :05: шо зашол
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